The Advantages of Immersion Education

Some of the documented advantages of immersion education include:

Curriculum Advantages

1.Greater academic success.

2.Easier to learn a third and fourth language.

Communicative Advantages

1.Bilingualism (the ability to speak two languages fluently).

2.Biliteracy (the ability to read and write in two languages).

3.Wider communication (extended family, community, friends, employment).

Cultural Advantages

1.Broader exposure to and appreciation of the value of various cultures (enculturation), deeper multi-culturalism, greater tolerance and less racism.

Cognitive Advantages

1.Thinking benefits (creativity, sensitivity to communication).

Character Advantages

1.Raised self-esteem.

2.Security in identity.

Financial Advantages

1.Economic and employment benefits

(Adapted by GAELSCOILEANNA TEO. from Baker 2003)